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We offer world-class know-how and IP around characterising, handling and applying Synthetic Amorphous Silica (SAS) as a safe, effective, environment-friendly insecticide.

Davren’s SAS technology provides an attractive alternative to conventional chemical-based insect management products, meeting industry and consumer demands for safe and environmentally benign insecticides.

Natural pest control without toxic chemicals

Wheat in silo/bin

For insecticide users

  • Enables safer insecticide application
  • Provides longer term protection against insects
  • Reduced environmental impact
Saw tooth grain beetle SAS

For insecticide distributors

  • Non-toxic and effective products to address emerging insect resistance
  • Applicable in multiple target markets

Davren offers solutions to multiple segments of the multi-billion dollar integrated pest management market namely:

Grain Storage

SAS is set to have broad application in grain held in storages on-farm, at up-country facilities and in processing facilities. Food-grade SAS is; already in use in other industries, safe to humans, other mammals, birds, fish, plants and the environment generally.

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Rice Storage

Davren has already completed one collaboration with SunRice which demonstrated strong proof of principle that SAS can prevent infestation from common rice pests. Davren is pursuing a follow-on collaboration to develop a commercially scalable solution for bagged rice products.
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Davren is also developing solutions for aligned markets such as amenity pest management, where conventional chemical insecticides can not be safely used.

Amenity Pest Management – Invasive Ant Control

Leveraging previous research with the Queensland Dept of Agriculture and Forestry, into the effectiveness of SAS for amenity and invasive pest management, Davren is in discussion with a major participant in the turf & ornamental product development market to explore the use of SAS as a control agent for red imported fire ants.
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Research & Development

Davren’s research and development has always been industry led. Our initial focus is the use of SAS as an effective insecticide against a range of insects which cause major economic loss in Agricultural commodities.

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Davren Global Pty Ltd (Davren) was registered with ASIC on July 3, 2017. ABN 84 620 184 732


  • Is a technology company that spun-out of the Australian Plant Biosecurity Science Foundation (APBSF)
  • Has developed world-class know-how around characterising, handling and applying SAS as an insecticide.
  • Will address multiple segments of the integrated pest management market through its technology and business model.
  • Will deliver value to its shareholders through partnerships with leading agrichemical companies, who as Davren’s channel partners, are seeking safe and effective alternatives for their customers.
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