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News and Announcements

February, 2022

GRDC Groundcover Supplement

GRDC reports rising phosphine resistance

Tracking stored grain insect populations over the past decade shows how quickly and widely strong resistance to phosphine has increased.

These trends highlight the need for new SAS-based grain protectants.

Read the article from GRDC GROUNDCOVER SUPPLEMENT: Issue 156, Jan – Feb 2022

November, 2021

AgFunder News

Agritech startup’s innovative insect control is just what the grain industry ordered

On-farm storage is now a feature of many Australian cropping operations. But where grain goes, insects can follow, threatening the quality and marketability of stored grain and cereal. With Australia’s domestic and key export markets having zero tolerance of live pests in grain sold for human consumption, control of stored grain pests is a key industry priority.

And globally, it’s big business, with the grain protectant market tipped to reach USD 726.1 million by 2023.

But as insect resistance to common grain protectants increases, and more consumers demand safer, environmentally sensitive agrochemicals, the race is on to develop alternatives.

Australian agritech startup, Davren Global, is leading the field with a package of technologies focused around the use of synthetic amorphous silica (SAS) as a novel, non-toxic and effective grain protectant for the control of insect pests in stored grains and cereals.

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November, 2021


SAS-based Grain Protectants – a safe, effective, environmentally friendly alternative

Opportunity for

  • Investors for a Seed Round to support commercialisation
  • Solution providers interested in the design and manufacture of specialty equipment to suit large-scale application of dust/powder-based insecticides onto grain
  • Specialised producers and/or importers of synthetic amorphous silica (SAS)
  • Organisations with an unmet need for which SAS may be a solution, willing to enter into a collaboration…

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October 2021

Farm Weekly, Shannon Beattie

Non-toxic dust offers insecticide revolution

A NEW generation of insecticide is on the way for Australian farmers, with the development of a natural pest control method, without toxic chemicals, in the works.

Synthetic amorphous silica (SAS) is a class of material that usually appears as a dust or powder and is manufactured industrially for use in a wide range of applications.

The product has been developed by Davren Global, a spin-off from the Australian Plant Biosecurity Science Foundation, which is in the process of tailoring the technology to apply SAS at the right rate to control a range of economically important targets in onfarm grain storage …

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August, 2021

Grain Storage & Protection Conference 2021

Davren attend Australian Grain Storage & Protection Conference

Held in a completely virtual format, there were more than 20 speakers and 160 participants for this event. For a large number of organizations and individuals currently managing their businesses through the lockdown, this was an opportunity to gain critical insights and updates from the industry as well as connect with industry peers …

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