Research & Development.


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In Australia, Davren Global’s R&D has been supported by funding from the GRDC, SunRice and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).

The $2M GRCD project underpinned the development of Davren minimum viable product, showing that SAS could be stored in a mobile device, metered out at a known rate and be introduced in a moving grain flow to produce SAS-treated grain that could then be stored with long-term protection from infestation.


Davren also received over $230,000 in funding from ACIAR to develop a mobile SAS application system to assist with the protection of grain harvested on-farm by small-land owners in Tanzania. In late 2021 Davren Global will provide a prototype SAS applicator to the Tropical Pesticides Research Institute in Tanzania to allow further R&D trials and pre-commercialisation activities to proceed. Davren looks forward to assisting local communities protect maize where grain losses from infestation can be up to 70 per cent.


Davren Global has secured vital collaborative research and options agreements with Nufarm Ltd and Bayer CropScience. Working with these globally relevant strategic channel partners Davren receives direct insight into the demand for SAS products, the specific needs and challenges of end-users and can leverage vital guidance and support through the SAS regulatory process.  Davren Global looks forward to entering into supply and distribution agreements with these major agrichemical firms in the near future.

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